Most frequent questions and answers

A disability benefits questionnaire (DBQ) is a form that the Veterans Affair department uses for the C&P exams. It is used to determine the severity of an existing disability. The DBQ ensures that the condition of the veteran’s disability is properly documented. A licensed physician evaluates a condition and answers the questions on the survey. The DBQ form consists of boxes to quickly check for an accurate evaluation. The DBQ’s are used to rate the impact of an existing service-connected disability and evaluate the degree as it has worsened throughout time to increase disability compensation from the VA. 

The DBQs are use, to rate the impact of an existing service-connected condition and evaluate the degree it has worsened throughout time for increased compensation from the VA.

The DBQ helps provide more information on your existing disability for the VA examiner to review. The main advantage of a DBQ is to prove to your VA examiner how this disability is impacting your life now.  Sometimes a VA examiner is not able to effectively see the impact a service-connected disability has on your life. Through the DBQ, our doctors can relay that information for you to the VA.

Our doctors will spend the necessary time during the evaluation to give a fair and objective review of your existing disability and the completed DBQ which will help speed up your claim.

 You don’t need to bring any medical records with you. We will obtain the records we need on your existing medical condition. We do require bringing valid ID to your appointment.

The doctor will ask a series of questions relating to the part(s) of the body that has been service connected by the VA. The VA has created a DBQ for each part of the body that may have sustained an injury during active duty. The doctor will review these questions with the veteran, repeating some of them for consistency and accuracy to get honest results on the DBQ.

The goal of a physician evaluation is to express to the doctor how the disability is impacting your life. We advise to not exaggerate or minimize your pain or how it affects your daily functions and overall quality of life.

Sometimes the impact of a disability is consistent, and sometimes it presents during flare up, please make sure to consider these situations and communicate them to your doctor accurately. Be thorough and clear when describing how the disabled area has changed your life.

The responsibility of the doctor is to present an impartial report of what you describe about the impact of your current condition.

Our team reviews your DBQ that the doctor completed and will send a signed DBQ back to your case worker for you to submit with your claim to the VA.

Make a note of what you are being seen for and continue with the appointment and then contact your case worker.  Our company is only evaluating what has been provided to us.  We are not given an access or copies of your medical records.  This allows for your evaluation to be unbiased.